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The 15th annual Iran Food&Bev Tec 2008 / 1387 marked Hydrotec's 15th appearance!
امسال پانزدهیمین دوره این نمایشگاه بود وهمچنین پانزدهیمین سال حضور هیدروتک در نمایشگاه صنایع غذایی تهران
امسال هیدروتک 31 ساله شد و بزرگان صنعت، همان دوستان قدیمی، با تشريف فرمايی خود زِینت اصلی غرفه خودشان بودند
ما از تشريف فرمايی تمام دوستان و سروران خود تشکر میِ نماييم! از اعتماد 31 ساله تان متشکریم
 Parma, Italy
Oct 17 - 20, 2007.
We shall be present together with our principal Levati Food Tec (part of the GEA PROCOMAC group of companies), where we shall be exhibiting the Bagfill vacuum pouch filler and Sterilizing Retort.
Please drop us a line to book a meeting during the fair
We look forward in seeing you there!

Looking for an exciting career opportunity in the food industry? Then join our team of specialized food engineers, in an experienced but everchanging company. Please send us your resume and coverletter by e-mail.

We are looking for experienced food technologists to work in the Commercial Department.


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