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Dried fruits and Nuts

There’s something about Iranian dried fruits that gives your mouth a salival excretion rush, in other words “wateryâ€!
We can supply many types of Delicious dried fruits that are renown for this region, both for their taste and quality.

Our assortment of dried fruit and nuts that we can supply vary as shown below:

Dried Apricot
We can supply a wide variety of dried apricots, in different sizes and qualities. Available for export internationally to customer specifications. We can supply Whole pitted Apricots or dried Apricot Halves.

Figs: Dried and Soft
In both the dried and soft varieites, we can supply exquisite tasting and textured figs. Please contact us for more details and information.

We are an experienced supllier and exporter of the Sultana and Golden varieties of raisins. Please contact us for specifications and more information.

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