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Aseptic Packaging

Hydrotec introduced this form of packaging back in 1990 for the first time to the Iranian food industry. The first of its kind was supplied for a tomato paste plant in the northwest city of Mashhad (the tomato capital of Iran). Ever since, the demand for this type of packaging has been quite high due to the global market only accepting high standard of products, and as mentioned before packaging plays an essential role.

Up to today, most aseptic packaging of this kind have been applied to bulk packaging for tomato paste, fruit juice concentrates, fruit puree, fruit chunks, diced tomato and other such products.

We design and manufacture, in collaboration with European companies, aseptic filling stations from 200 Liters for pre-sterilized stainless steel drums to 1000 Liter containers with product dosing by volume (more accurate than weight method).

We design and manufacture special filling stations upon demand as well. Hydrotec is the leading supplier for aseptic packaging machines in the Iranian market.

However, we have solutions for the retail sector as well. Our bag-in-box system is just that! This type of packaging, a common site for the European and American retail sector, has many advantages compared to other forms of traditional packaging.

Less Material, Less Volume, More environmentally friendly : the advantages are obvious!

Up to 80% less material is used compared to a traditional canister. The bags take up less space, a significant advantage to both transport and storage. The packaging can be delivered falt, which optimizes transport. After use, there is less to throw away as well, a consumer-friendly product!

Last but not least, the environmental factor. The two components of the bag in box system, the inside bag and the folding box, can easily be taken apart for recycling or disposal.

Furthermore, due to the high advertising space on the bag in box packages, they’re very attractive for retail use.

All of our lines can be engineered to achieve maximum automation. By using specially designed machinery and conveying systems, worker extensive operations can be replaced by high performance and quality machines. This eventually can increase your productivity and decrease your downtime, hence resulting in higher profits!

Our high speed aseptic filler for 5 â€" 20 Liter bags can be used for sterile products, milk shakes, UHT milk, cream, fruit concentrates, tea, beverages, ketchup and sauces.

We are also the direct bag distributors from manufacturer for both aseptic and non aseptic packages. Our bags are available in sizes ranging from 2 up to 1,300 liters, single or webbed, in many different materials and combinations, transparent or pigmented. They are always “made-to-measure†to suit your individual requirements.

We can supply the ideal bag for almost all purposes. Below you can see some of our variations of bag spouts and caps:

 Standard 1 Inch    Standard 2 Inch   Dispenser Cap    Dispenser Tube     Dairy / Oil

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