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Multi-Head Weighers

Revolutionary form-fill-seal machinery for dry, solid, granular products and snacks capable of performing many functions as opposed to its preceding models of single/multi weighers performing only single / linear operations.

The multi-head weighing system working principle is as follows:

The multi-head weigher is comprised of a set of pre-dosing buckets, where the product is “pre-dosed†based on volume. Then the product is passed on to a second set of weighing buckets, where with the aid of CPUs and patented censoring technology, it measure and calculates the total weight of product in each bucket.

Finally, the central CPU calculates the total weight it requires and subsequently opens the designated buckets that add up to the target weight of the bag, resulting in the minimal amount of error possible.

What makes our machines advantageous to other machines on the market is its ease of use and it’s accuracy. By using this technology, producers save money on their own products! In other words, they don’t pack extra, not accounted for product into bags for free.
Depending on the bag size and shape, we have machines that can handle up to 180 bags per minute.

As with our packaging machines, we have several types of packaging form-fill-seal machines.

One of our newer works on packaging machines has resulted in the Sloping form-fill-seal packaging machine. This machine allows the bag to be filled such that a complete square bottom is achieved as well as the bag is sealed along the 4 sides. This is ideal for high quality products or for products that the bag must sell the product!


Another line of our machinery involves Horizontal Packaging machines. This type of machine is commonly used for packaging long-cut pasta. The filling principles are based on that of a volumetric system but since it’s filled using the horizontal system, it’s achieves less breakage of product as well as higher accuracy and yields. Other products like long individually packed products (such as coffee or sugar) can be packed as a bundle-pack using the Horizontal packaging machine.


We also can supply solutions for auger and powder filling / packaging systems using a separate and completely different packaging technology.

As with our other lines, we can engineer our line such to achieve maximum automation to replace low yielding workers throughout the packaging process.

If you have any questions about any of our packaging technologies or would like to obtain some information about packaging of a product that you’re interested, then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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