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Bag Fill Packaging Technology

The ever-changing world of packaging has always been coming up with new and exciting ideas for the packaging of foods. One of the most concerned and researched areas have been exploring the possibilities to replace cans and jars with alternative forms of packaging.

Today, we are able to supply a complete range of machinery designed and manufactured for the filling and sealing of creamy, liquid, semi-liquid or chunky foods under vacuum for flexible flat or stand up flexible packages.


So "what types of foods fit these characteristics", you ask - well pretty much most foods conventionally packed in cans and jars can be packed in this format such as diced tomatoes, sauces, pesto, mushrooms, vegetables, fruit salad, artichokes, tuna, meat, onions, peppers, cream and many other products that we will be glad to test.
If you have a special application or have any questions regarding your application, please don't hesitate to contact us and we will gladly study the product of your concern.

This technology has many key features that provide comparative advantages to the conventional packaging in cans and jars, of which to name a few:




The pouch has a lower weight than the cans and the glass jar

Savings on the shipping / transport costs, both from and to the food manufacturing facility.

The pouch has a lower volume than cans and glass jars

Savings on the shipping / transport costs.

The pouch has a small volume when empty.

Savings on disposal costs, ease of disposal for the end user.

Lower contents of oil/brine.

Shorter sterilization times and savings on the oil/brine costs

Less thickness of packaging medium

Shorter sterilization times and savings on the energy costs

Shorter sterilization times

Enhancements of the organoleptics product properties


Aside from the above features our machine is capable of filling and sealing foods in packages from as low as 80 ml up to as high as 5 L, talk about versatility!

                 Bag Fill R-Type                                          Bag Fill L-Type with mono chamber

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