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As part of supplying complete packaging lines, we also have capping lines for bottles. Whether you require push stop caps or twist-on caps or even both, we have the required machinery.

We’re always supplying lines with cutting edge technologies and new ideas & designs into the market. A few years ago we marketed a new mono-block capping system that was capable to cap based on both principles of capping: twist-on caps and push stop caps.

As demonstrated in full, since Hydrotec can offer complete packaging solutions all under one roof, we’re your number one stop for your entire packaging needs. As with our other lines, we can provide solutions employing full automation empowering you to require the least amount of workers necessary in your production lines. In today’s high paced world, you need to have specialized operators and technicians whom understand and are capable of working alongside the machines instead of doing the machine’s job. Now this maximizes your profits!

If you require more information regarding any of our lines, then please contact us and a sales representative will happily respond.

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