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We can provide lines for the production of extruded foods based on cereal and potato flours. Hence, categorizing our supply into 2 main fields:

  1. Pasta Production
  2. Pellets and Snacks Production

TAS TechnologyPasta Production
When one speaks of pasta, Italy comes to mind... this is why we decided to source our technology and equipment from the experts in this field. We collaborate with only the best manufacturers of equipment and thanks to that our know how has become quite vast and extensive, which we feel obligated to pass on to our clientelle.

We can categorize our pasta lines to the following:

  • Long Cut pasta: such products as Spaghetti, Linguini, Fettucini, Tartadelle,
  • Short Cut pasta: such as various formed pasta products.


Our lines using a specialized TAS technology allows the production of traditional Italian style pasta but with a modernized and revolutionary continuous production method which its advantages are:

  • Better cooking performance
  • Better pasta colour
  • Greater range of product shapes
  • Less energy consumption
  • Shorter processing times (about 2 hours)
  • Easier management and maintenance operations
  • Longer life of the plant
  • Reduced space requirement

Pellets Production
Pellets Production

A completely different art of production, the pellets manafacturing is another specialty in which we have gained experience over the years and able to supply. We can start off by supplying the raw materials in order to allow our clients to test the snacks market and enter into this very diverse and lucrative market. Meanwhile as you test the different snack pellets to find the right one for you, we can then supply you with the technology, know-how and formulation to produce your own raw materials.
Now this is TRUE Partnership!

For more information regarding our Extruded Technologies, feel free to contact us and provide us with your project details so we can be of assistance.

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