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Fruit and Vegetable Processing Lines

Our many years of experience have resulted in a team of highly skilled specialists that can provide solutions for the field of Fruit and Vegetable processing and packaging.

Our team of highly specialized food scientists, in collaboration with top European manufacturers, is renowned for supplying complete lines for:
Fruits: Apple, Citrus, Pomegranate, Tropical, and Continental
Vegetable: Carrots, Green Peas, Green Beans, Fava Beans, and more.

To learn more about our processing lines and equipment, please follow the appropriate links below:

Juices: Fresh or Reconstitution lines
Whether you’re planning on using fruits as your raw ingredient or their concentrates, we can engineer and manufacture the appropriate line for your needs.
Concentrates: Our specialty
Whether it involves fruits, tomatoes or other vegetables, we’ve been on the forefront of the technology and it’s evolution since the early days.
Canned goods and compotes: A pioneer in this field
Hydrotec has been among the pioneers in the Iranian canned and compote industry. With cooperation of key players, we have confidently performed in the growth of this industry in Iran.
Frozen fruits & vegetable lines: Multi-Vegetable freeze lines or Specialized lines
We have complete processing and packaging solutions for single product freeze lines to Multi-vegetable freeze lines based on IQF (Individual Quick Freeze) principles.
Other fruit & vegetable lines
For all other fruit & vegetable needs, we can supply you either single machinery or complete lines along with consulting services.
Specialty Lines
At Hydrotec, one of our advantages to our competitors is that we can design specialty lines with the capacity that your company is interested.

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