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Potato Lines

Whether you’re an existing producer or a new comer in this field, we can provide you with customized solutions to meet your needs.

To name a few of our lines, we can supply:

With support of European companies and the help of our highly skilled engineering staff, together we can supply state of the art machinery ...
French Fries
We can supply complete continuous french fries lines from 300 kg/h up to 6000 kg/h of finished frozen products...
Wonderful and exciting snacks that come in many different and exciting varieties...
Potato by products:
Potato Flakes Line, Mashed Potatoes Line, Gnocchi Processing, Potato Duchess, Potato Croquettes, and other formed potato products.
Mashed Potato Line
This is one of the favorites consumed all around the world!
Potato Flakes Line
“What are Flakes and its uses?†you might ask.
Potato Duchess, Potato Croquettes, and other formed potato products
Did somebody say diversity?
Sulfated Potato Line
Are you looking for a line to produce potato strips like french fries but without the oil?

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