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Did somebody say by-products? Perhaps you might not have thought about some of these lines as by products of other potato processing lines. In our system, you can have a complete potato processing plant by using all the potatoes entering your facility such that the only waster that you’d have would be the skin, which we have a remedy for that too!

When we say “potato by productsâ€, we’re categorizing other products which can be either combined with some of the above lines or they can be independent lines.

For example, in the French Fries line, some potatoes are always rejected after they’re formed into sticks. What can you do with these?

Or another example is for the potatoes that enter your facility. After grading you might see a huge amount of the potatoes to be useless for your primary line. What are you to do with these?

Aside from these situations, you might want to diversify your outputs using raw potatoes itself as the input to these lines.

The choice is all yours!

Some examples of these lines are as follows below. Please click on the hyper link to learn more:

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