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Potato Flakes

“What are Flakes and its uses?†you might ask.

Potato flakes are one of the two forms of dehydrated mashed potatoes. The other form is called “potato granulesâ€.

Potato flakes are dehydrated mashed potatoes made by applying cooked, mashed potatoes to the surface of a drum dryer fitted with applicator rolls, drying the deposited layer of potato solids rapidly to the desired final moisture content, and breaking the sheet of dehydrated potato solids into a suitable size for packaging.


Drum Dryer

Uses of potato flakes:

Potato flakes has many uses. It can be used for retail trade, institutional trade, ingredient in food processing, and other uses as well.

Potato Flakes are used by professional end-users all over the world to complete a broad range of products including potato specialties, ready-made meals, mashed potatoes, instant soups, pastas (gnocchi), bread mixes, various snacks, baby food, etc.

One main advantage of potato flakes to its dehydrated potato counter parts is that it can be easily reconstituted with cold water.

With approximately a 6 : 1 ratio of fresh potatoes to flakes (depending on the quality of the potato), the process can be outlined as below:

Again, we can engineer and supply the complete line for the manufacturing of potato flakes alone OR as a by-product of the main line. 

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