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Wonderful and exciting snacks that come in many different and exciting varieties.

Pellets are semi-finished products that are the core of the snack industry considering its characteristics (shape, texture, and of course the taste) determine the attributes of the edible snack after frying.

In the past, the pellets were manufactured in manual way, by means of dough vapour cooking, cut and finally sun-dried.

Nowadays, highly sophisticated technologies are utilized to mix powder ingredients, to extrude and cook the dough, to shape the pellet.
Die forming, stamping, piercing, are traditional systems of shaping the pellet, while the most recent technologies allow to obtain 3D and pillow shapes by bringing and cutting two sheets of dough together.

We have complete solutions for your Snack needs. Whether it’s the Pellets you’re interested (raw materials of the line), the specialized pellets Frying line, OR the Packaging lines in the final stage†you can find it all here with us. We are your number one stop for the ingredients and machinery to produce them.

We are sure that among our 50+ assortments, there is at least one that can capture your attention.

Our pellets are produced with the most advanced food quality and safety principles available to date - HACCP. Multi-national companies like Kraft’s and Mark’s & Spencer audit us for our HACCP program and our quality as well.

Our frying lines employ the newest technologies available and guarantee you an excellent quality finished product. We have frying capacities from 100 to 600 kg/h snacks per frying line. We are sure that one of these capacities will suite your needs.

Some examples of our assortments are: 


Funny faceSunny chipsPillow

Potato twistsTomato stickscorn triangles 3D

Pellets Frying Line:

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