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Bottling & Canning Lines

We are one of the pioneers in the canning industry, providing the first prototypes of filling-closing lines in Iran. Ever since then, we have been a familiar name in this reputable industry.

We design and manufacture fillers, seamers, and complete packaging lines for a vast range of products, such as animal and vegetable preserves, edible oil, and lubricants.

To complete our packaging solutions we supply the following machines / lines that have full compatibility with the other lines, and for your existing lines as well:
 Blow-molding machines
 Bottle washers
 Capping machines
 Palletizers / de-palletizers
 Shrink wraps and stretch wraps

             Filler & Seamer                                Bottle Washer

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Blow Molding
Our blow molding machines come in 2 different variety...
Filling Lines
We have fillers for both Bottles and Cans...
Labeling Solutions
Together with leading worldwide players in the labeling sector, we cover all the labeling technology and possible types of applications.
Packaging Lines for Barrels
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Capping Accessories
As part of supplying complete packaging lines, we also have capping lines for bottles. Whether you require push stop caps or twist-on caps or even both, we have the required machinery.

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